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The Eagle Inn is a traditional pub and cult music venue just outside Manchester City Centre.

Bring The Eagle Inn’s marketing into the 21st century.


The Eagle has an outdated website, tired and inconsistent branding and relies almost entirely on Facebook for marketing.


The Eagle Inn makes most of its money when they have live music gigs.

Most gig attendees are between 18 and 24 years old, don’t use Facebook and are significantly underrepresented at The Eagle Inn.


  1. Re-brand the Eagle Inn with a modern and consistent aesthetic which will appeal to a younger demographic and build brand awareness.
  2. Build a new modern website with new branding and re-brand all social media channels.
  3. Focus on growing Instagram and Tik Tok to attract more gen Z customers to the business, achieve this through short form video content creation.
  4. Maximise reach by launching Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Profile visits across all platforms.


Followers across all platforms.


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Daily new website users.

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