The Hinchliffe Arms

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The Hinchliffe Arms is a gastro pub in the bohemian area of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Re-launch The Hinchliffe Arms for the arrival of the new landlady.


The Hinchliffe Arms has been through several owners in recent years. The brand has lost it’s way and nobody really knows what it is anymore.


Previous owners have tried to establish the brand based on the food and drink alone.

Hebden Bridge is an area known for it’s bohemian nature. Locals say it’s like living in Glasto. Play up to this with a psychedelic brand.


  1. Make a website and brand inspired by 60s psychedelia, and the movie The Wicker Man.

  2. Create content which plays on the psych/Wickerman aesthetic.

  3. Use short form video content to maximise reach and build brand awareness.

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